President’s Message

Thank you in advance for your support of the NJ-American College of Emergency Physicians (NJ-ACEP). I am proud to share with you that with over 1000 members, NJ-ACEP is the largest organization in NJ that advocates on behalf of the interests of emergency physicians and their patients. I am also proud to share with you that NJ-ACEP is one of the most active chapters on a national level and has a rich history having produced two national presidents.

Healthcare has faced many headwinds in recent years and the specialty of emergency medicine is no exception. In fact, being on the front lines of healthcare, emergency physicians have faced some of the greatest challenges seen. It is more important now than ever before that the voices, experiences, and perspectives of emergency physicians are heard. That is why I encourage you to be engaged and participate with our chapter. Our board is composed of emergency physicians throughout the state of New Jersey. They reflect a wide range of practice settings and experiences. Our meetings are open to all members and there are a variety of committees available for participation.

The success of our relatively young specialty was built on the shoulders and contributions of those brave men and women who came before us. As emergency medicine now faces challenges on a multitude of levels, it is up to us to secure a thriving specialty for the next generation of emergency physicians. This is not only vital to the specialty of emergency medicine but also for the safety of our communities and patients.

Michael A. Ruzek, DO, CPE, FACEP
NJ-ACEP President