Message from the President

NJ-ACEP advocates for emergency physicians as we treat the community 24/7, every day.  As frontline physicians we bear witness to the scared patient seeking answers about their chest pain, the worried parent relieved that their child’s overdose was not fatal, the Covid pandemic depleting healthcare resources, healthcare disparities worsening despite technological advances and lead physician supervised teams every day to meet these challenges.

 -Patrick Hinfey, MD, FACEP 2022-2023 President

Officers: 2022-2023

Patrick Hinfey, MD, FACEP

Michael Ruzek, DO, FACEP

Jessica Maye, DO, FACEP

Tanisha Arora, MD, FACEP

Immediate Past President:
Jenice Baker, MD, FACEP

Executive Director:
Lauren Myers

News Staff

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201 E. Main St. Suite 1405
Lexington, KY 40507

phone (609) 207-7370 

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