Board of Directors

2023-2024 New Jersey ACEP Chapter Board

Michael Ruzek, DO, FACEP

Jessica M. Maye, DO, FACEP

Tanisha Arora, MD, FACEP

Navin Ariyaprakai, MD, NRP, FAEMS, FACEP

Immediate Past President
Patrick Hinfey, MD, FACEP

Board of Directors
Lisa Armstrong, MD, FACEP
Kimberly Baldino, MD, FACEP, FAEMS
Gregory S. Corcoran, MD
Joe E Dib, MD, FACEP
Rachelle A. “Shelley” Greenman, MD, FACEP
Steven M. Hochman, MD, FACEP
Jennifer M. Kleven, MD, FACEP
Alexis M LaPietra, DO, FACEP
Nicole J. Maguire, DO, FACEP
Christopher W. Meaden, MD, MS, FAAEM
Gregg Mojares, DO, FACEP
Chinwe H. Ogedegbe, MD, FACEP
Amy Ondeyka, MD, FACEP
Hamil D. Patel, MD
Renee L. Riggs-Fiessler, DO, FACEP

Executive Director

Adriana Alvarez
4950 West Royal Lane
Irving, TX  75063
ACEP Direct: 469-499-0177

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