NJ-ACEP Welcomes New Leadership

NJ-ACEP welcomes new leadership which includes the following:

President: Steven Hochman, MD, FACEP

President-Elect: Jenice Baker, MD, FACEP

Secretary: Patrick Hinfey, MD, FACEP

Treasurer: Michael Ruzek, DO, FACEP

Immediate Past President: Thomas Brabson, DO, FACEP

2020-2021 Board of Directors:

Navin Ariyaprakai, EMT-P, FAEMS, FACEP

Tanisha Arora, MD

Dave Castillo, DO, FACEP

Gregory Corcoran, MD

Joe E. Dib, MD, FACEP

Neeraja Kairam, MD, FACEP

Marianna Karounos, DO, MS, FACEP

Jessica May, DO, FACEP

Valerie McLaughlin, MD

Tiffany Murano, MD

Amy Ondeyka, MD, FACEP

Nilesh Patel, DO, FACOEP, FAAEM

Marcp Propersi, DO

Renee Riggs-Fiesseler, DO, FACEP

Svetlana Zakharchenko, DO

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