NJ-ACEP Emergency Department Violence Initiative

Violence against healthcare providers is a growing trend in our emergency departments. Many of us have accepted it as a normal part of the job; part of our culture like running a code. However, just as we are advocates for our patients’ health and safety, so must we be advocates for our own safety as healthcare professionals.  NJ-ACEP is here to be your advocate, and has embarked on a mission for Emergency Department Safety.

In 2015, NJ-ACEP conducted a violence surveillance survey of New Jersey Emergency Departments. The results of the study revealed about 80% of your co-workers experience violence at least weekly!  For further results of the study Copy of SurveySummary_05152015.xlsx

Knowledge is the first step in changing the pervasive culture of violence.  NJ-ACEP would like to inform and present data about Emergency Department Violence to start a paradigm shift in your department. Please contact us at (609) 207-7370 to schedule a meeting.  This engagement will be a primer about OSHA standards of safety for healthcare workers and New Jersey Healthcare legislation designed to keep you safe.  NJ-ACEP will also provide valuable resources that can help develop behaviors and committees in your departments.

Yes, it is true that we work in emergency departments 24/7, 365 days of the year.  Providing care and timely medical treatment is a pleasure and duty that we all take seriously. However, while we work in emergency departments day in and day out, we do not need to be victims there.
NJ-ACEP would like to partner with you to not make violence “part of the job”.

Here are some useful links on Workplace Violence and Emergency Departments

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