From the Statehouse

  • 21 December 2015
  • Author: Mike Cooke
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From the Statehouse

Claudine M. Leone, Esq.
Government Affairs Counsel

We are approaching the home stretch in Trenton.  There are just a few more days in early January before the 2-year session comes to the end and we start a new legislative session where all the bills are introduced and start from scratch.  I will run a full report of all NJ-ACEP monitored bills that were signed into law in January and bills that NJ-ACEP successfully opposed.  Most notably, the bills dealing with Out of Network is, at this point, stalled.  We fully expect this debate to continue into the new legislative session in 2016.  For now, please note the following current actions of interest:

 ON THE GOVERNOR'S DESK NOW:  S3220 sponsored by Senate President Sweeney (D3) - Establishes a process to integrate certain health data and other data from publicly supported programs for population health research. This is being promoted by Dr. Jeff Brenner and the Camden Coalition of Providers, as well as Joel Cantor/Margaret Koller and the Rutgers Health Policy group.  It is expected that Governor Christie will sign this legislation given there is no state appropriation or cost to the state to achieve the goals of the bill.

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